Free Falling

Gerard bolted upright in bed. This was the fourth night in a row that he had experienced those horrible dreams when you feel that you are falling. He could remember his arms flapping like a bird as the ground came more and more into focus. He felt nauseous.

This had been the worst night of the lot. The previous 3 nights he had woken up well before his face was about to connect with the ground below. In tonight’s rendition though he had fallen like a stone and woken up just a split second before contact. The bed covers had gone everywhere, he must have been tossing and turning as the flapping of his arms in his dream had got more and more vociferous.

“Why was I having these dreams, should I see the doctor?”he asked himself.

The weather had entered into the dry, hot season. The past week had been a scorcher. If the sun itself was not hot enough from 7am to 7pm, the humidity which was normally around 90-100% added a few more to the Celsius or Fahrenheit reading.

“Maybe I haven’t been drinking enough water, and I’ve been dehydrating in the night.” he pondered. That seemed plausible.

He pinched the top of his nose as he tried to clear his head. He leant back and picked up his Rolex from the bedside table.
“Stupid watch.” He struck it a couple of times on the side of his hand and looked again in the hope that the second hand had experienced a mechanical resurrection. No life.
“I knew that price was too good to be true.” He scolded himself for being so gullible at the night market on his recent trip to Thailand. Yet, at the time, it felt so good to have a Rolex on his wrist.

Gerard decided he might as well get up. He made his way to the kitchen of his small apartment that overlooked the illegal market traders in the street below. They do all their selling in the morning before the sun comes out to play.

Gerard had worked really hard to keep to his normal morning rituals. A glass of water only filtered water.

“I must remember to take a bottle with me today.”

Grind the coffee beans. He loved the smell of coffee in the morning. On occasional mornings, he felt it was a shame to mix it with boiling water because he was rather disappointed by the results. He still hadn’t been able to perfect how to use the local coffee to make a perfect cup of coffee.

Whilst the coffee was percolating away in the background, he would do some gentle exercises looking out over the balcony. Nothing too vigorous, just enough to get the blood and oxygen rushing to the heart and brain. Then, he’d walk into his office and open the curtains, turn on the PC and pray to God that it hadn’t died overnight. He was really considering changing to a mac book, but the price always caused him to sweat a little more. “Wait for the sales.” he repeatedly told himself.

He reentered into the study but this time with a steaming hot cup of coffee. It was one of those Mugs that were designed for people with thin fingers. Gerard had thick sausage like fingers, so the heat was starting to make carrying the mug rather difficult.

He took his place in his comfy recliner seat and commenced on the last part of his morning ritual. An hours reading. He had a variable taste when it came to books, blogs, and newspapers. He had all his favorites in his favorite app so he just needed to focus and read away. Then, just as he was comfortable a notification banner rolled onto his screen and revealed he’d received an email.

The banner notification showed who the sender was, and the subject matter.
It read. From: Dad & Mum
Subject: Visit

Gerard lost concentration and the coffee cup slipped from his grasp and fell towards the tiled floor. This time, he wasn’t dreaming, and he couldn’t wake up from the inevitable.





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