Hi, my name is Lee and I love to write stories, flash fiction and short stories in particular.

Compared to others I am still very new and “wet behind the ears” when it comes to having and growing an internet presence. Yet, you were still able to find me and I’m really happy you did.

What will you find here on LPN Fiction?

Stories, stories and more stories. At the moment you can read stories that I have posted over the last 18 months. If they look familiar, they probably are. Don’t worry, they are not “fake stories”. You probably saw them on my other site http://www.leepeternicholson.com

They have been moved to this site to make way for another site that will help people, especially freelancers to be more productive in their day to day lives. The site is currently under construction, and I’ll keep you in the loop with what happens.

Here on LPN Fiction, I hope over time to be able to share my successes and at times some of my failures. I am currently working hard to learn and hone the skill of entertaining, touching and motivating readers thoughts and feelings through the skillful placement of words, sentences, and paragraphs.

I hope you will read, leave comments and most importantly enjoy whatever you can find here on LPN Fiction.