Category: Short Story

Highway Justice

Little did Richard know that one small, everyday decision would for the first time make him genuinely fearful for his life.

The scream came first. Richard couldn’t see who or from what direction it came from. It was loud enough though to cause Richard to take immediate evasive action.

The second noise which followed was that of the plastic coming into contact with the highway surface. The bike slid for 10 metres or so, parallel to Richards small Toyota 4 door car.

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Shock v Creativity

His Dad flicked through the different exercise books that Tommy his son had taken from his school bag to show him. Tommy stood to the side of the armchair, and tried hard to concentrate on the matter at hand, but he was being distracted by the clock. Tommy wanted to watch his favorite TV program. It was some American superhero serial. He’d worked hard to finish his homework before the program started.

“Is this all your homework?” Tommy’s dad said.

“Yes, I’ve finished my algebra, writing up today’s Physics experiment, and I had to write a story for my English lesson.”

Algebra and Physics went over Tommy’s father head. He wasn’t unintelligent, but he was more the creative type. He liked reading.

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Space Invaders

Frustration, guilt, and anger gnawed away at him every time he had to drive down that road. So much so, before he had even turned right at the traffic lights in front of the small row of shops he felt a small ignition of indignation.

“Where does man get off thinking they have the right to act in such a way?” He knew the answer.

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