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Free Therapy

What a day! I needed a stroll by the river.
The raft of ducks didn’t know the tossing of small dried bread was free therapy.
As the sun lowered, shadows caused by the bowing silver birches made the bread bits look like stones.
The mallards oblivious towards my mood focused on claiming superiority, always first to the bait as it hit the water. Catching bread bombs mid-air equalled life threatening. The bread, so dry, may lodge in its neck and turn his plumage from green to blue.
The hens looked for equality. Each time a mallard ate first, the hens would pull at the preen feathers of the male as if to quack “Oi! You greedy so and so!” Continue reading


Stopped dead in his tracks!

Beads of sweat started to produce on his forehead. First around his temples and then in patches across his brow and forehead. He slipped his hand into his jacket side pocket and pulled out an off-white handkerchief. As he brought his hand up towards his face his eye caught the embroidered letters of M.B in an aged green color.

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